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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Final Destination 5 Movie (2011)

Final Destination 5

The story begins 11 years after the accident flight 180. Sam Lawton (Nicholas D'Agosto) with his girlfriend Molly Harper (Emma Bell), and several other passengers boarded the bus Interline city, RollandCoach Lines in event-British retreat toward Vancouver Island. Sam's vision that a bridge will collapse if he passed, during the trip several signs have also read and felt by Sam, but because Sam did not want to ruin his vacation, he finally chose silence and control themselves so as not to look stupid in front of friends his companions.

But what is perceived by Sam really happened. Bad feelings experienced by Sam evident when the bus they were traveling through the Lions Gate suspension bridge. The bridge is still in the repair and sealing it begins to crack when a worker dismantling a layer of asphalt so that the cracks resulted in the bridge would not hold the load and make cars that pass through the cable retaining bolt steel bridge slowly loose and loose.

Time of the incident, Bus carrying Sam and the other cars were on the bridge, without realizing one frame bridge began to bend and break through the bridge to topple the car that was directly under the steel frame. After that horrible incident, some victims begin to fall. When the rider regained consciousness and started to panic because the entire bridge shake and fragile, the situation worsened. All out of their cars and fleeing, but unfortunately, it is too late because the bridge began to collapse before all the riders managed to escape.

A passenger, Dennis (David Koechner) who should be saving themselves must accept the reality of her tragic death when a tank of hot asphalt spilled and flush itself. Not to mention when a man Michael (Arlen Escarpeta) who was shocked to see Isaac was killed instantly ran to save themselves, but unlucky, the first large bolts that are useful to support the steel cables detached and hit her head.

From there, the situation is getting worse. A girl Candice (Ellen Wroe), who was in the car does not know if the car's position precisely straight sarah with steel cables anchoring the bridge pillar. When the first bolt came down on Michael, the steel cables holding the bridge pole suddenly came off and pushed his body was thrown from the bridge and died crashing into the boat who was passing by in bawahnya.Seperti not enough victims, death 'was chasing a woman named Olivia (MacIness Jacqueline Wood ), he died while falling into the sea and was hit by a car that fell off the bridge.

The whole bridge started to shake, a man Chris Lawton (Miles Fisher) too late to save themselves when the bridge fell on his lights and thousands of volts of electricity flowing throughout the body. Can Sam and his girlfriend, Molly save themselves from death?

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